Summer 2013

by Mallard

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recorded/mixed/mastered by Travis Arterburn


released May 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Mallard Earth, Texas

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Track Name: Everybody Knows about Brazzers
Let me drift, just at least through the next few weeks,
without any clarity, existing free of consciousness
to be sure of why I'm doubtful and try to move on.
I'll abandon my options and give myself to moments
of a scene that I created while off wandering inside myself.
I wish I could believe it but I know that it's not real.
The sounds of the voices that haunt my sleep
are changing a part of me and their only interest
is need for an author but I don't know if I want that.
If I could reshape myself and lack what I fear the most
would I be more honest, regain motivation,
and just learn to let things go?
I'm done with holding onto the ones that I barely know
and I recognize my progress but I
just need to feel at home.
Please tell my why I can't be strong anymore.
It would be nice to live without the need to be conscious
of every word I speak aloud
but most times I'd rather just not speak at all.
Track Name: She's Taller than me
Here from my window
I'll listen for a signal or
some reminder of
who I have to live for.
The face of someone I don't know
shaking hands in the mirror.
My list of fears is short
'cause I could never write it
of course.
Here from my window
I'll look for a signal from
someone I don't know.
Track Name: Black Duck
"I can't keep believing if all I'm left with is more time.
Enough to close my eyes and see yours glowing next to me.
I won't keep breathing if all I'm left with is more time.
Enough to learn your name and face and follow you somewhere
that makes me happy.
I can't keep believing if all I'm left with is more time.
I'm in a room with you, invisible until you feel me brush past your tail.
I know we'll meet someday.
I'll try to fight it off
but you'll change me
and leave me as dead as a corpse with wings
dead as leaves."

- black duck